NCCU Journal Club runs at least twice a month, timetable.

We are evolving a format for journal club which focusses on the work we do in Cambridge and how current research should inform our practice and are moving away from the dry, didactic, lecture style of journal appraisal which is better suited to the many excellent FOAMed literature appraisal resources which include

The Bottom Line

Critical Care Forum Journal Club



Intensive Care

Intensive Blog Journal Club

Journal of the Intensive Society CATs


St Emlyn’s Blog

We aim to put each paper into a context which relates to how we care for our patients or the research we are undertaking on NCCU.  Fundamentally we are asking whether we should change what we do?

We are moving to a flipped classroom model where our fellows prepare the background reading for the journal club in the form of a blog post for this site instead of a presentation and that is read by the audience prior to the journal club. During the timetabled journal club session we would then discuss the issues which arise from the paper where they relate to our work at Cambridge. PowerPoint will be banned.

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